Chemistry Links

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Lab Safety, Apparatus and Techniques

 1.   Lab Safety Rules by Mr. Tang

 2.   Laboratory Equipment

 3.   Lab Techniques by Debbie Pravecek at South Dakota State University - 8 videos covering loading balance to pipetting and titration

Table of Elements

 1.   Visual Table of Elements

 2.   Web Elements

 3.   Periodic Table Tutorial

 4.   Periodic Videos - Outstanding videos explaining most elements from University of Nottingham

Chemical Formulas


Chemical Reactions

 1.   Ionic Compound Chemical Formulas Animation

 2.   Naming Chemical Compounds Tutorial

 3.   Formation of Aluminum Bromide

 4.   Formation of Sodium Chloride

 5.   Formation of Sodium Fluoride

 5.   Decomposition of Ammonium Dichromate

 6.   Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide (Elephant Toothpaste)

 7.   Alkali Metals with Water

 7.   Single Replacement Reaction - Thermite

 8.   Single Replacement Reaction - Copper with Nitric Acid

 9.   Single Replacement Animation - Zn with HCl

 10. Double Replacement Reaction - Precipitation (Pb(NO3)2 with KI)

 11. Double Replacement Reaction - Precipitation (NaI with HgCl2)

 12. Double Replacement Reactions - Precipitation (NaCl with AgNO3 and NaI with AgNO3)

 13. Double Replacement Reaction - Calcium Carbide with Water

 14. Hydrocarbon Combustion of Methane




 1.   Mass, Moles and Number of Molecules Applet

 2.   Determination of the Formula of a Hydrate Simulation

 3.   Determining Chemical Formulas using Mass Percentage Tutorial

 4.   Balancing Chemical Equation Drill

 5.   Gravimetric (Hydrocarbon Combustion) Stoichiometry Simulation

 6.   Gravimetric Limiting Reagent (Hydrocarbon Combustion) Stoichiometry Simulation

Atomic Structures



 1.   Cathode Ray Tube Animation

 2.   Cathode Ray Tube Video

 2.   Milliken Oil Drop Experiment Animation

 3.   Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment Animation

 4.   Bohr Atomic Model Video

 5.   Atomic Absorption Animation

 6.   Absorption Spectra of Elements

 7.   Orbital Transition Animation

 7.   Orbital Energies Animation

 8.   de Broglie Wavelength Video

 9.   SchrŲdinger Equation in Three Dimensions

 10. Standing Waves Animation

 11. The Hydrogen Atom Wave Functions and Quantum Numbers

 12. Quantum Numbers Tutorial

 13. Photoelectric Effect Simulation

 14. Afbau Principle Video

 15. Electron Configuration Tutorial

 16. Electron Configurations Applet (Orbital Degenerations)

 17. Elements Spectral Lines Applet

 18. Quantum (Hydrogen) Orbital Viewer Applet

 19. Orbitals and VSEPR Links by Ron Reinhart (Monterey Peninsula College)

 20. Hybridization of Atomic Orbitals Animation

 21. Electron Shells and Periodic Ionization Energies Trend Animation

 22. Period Trends (Electronegativities, 1st Ionization Energies and Atomic Radii)

Chemical Bonding


Intermolecular Forces

 1.   Formation of an Ionic Compound and Ionic Bond Video

 2.   Covalent Bonding between Hydrogen Atoms

 3.   Polarity of Water (Demo with Water Stream and Charged Rod)

 4.   Polar Covalent Bonding of a Water Molecule

 5.   Polar and Non-polar Liquids Demo Video

 6.   Ionic Solution Animation

 7.   Electrolytes - Dissolving NaCl Animation

 8.   Non-electrolytes - Dissolving Sugar Animation

 9.   Lewis Dot Structures Tutorial

 10. VSPER Model Tutorial

 11. London Dispersion Force Animation

 12. Hydrogen Bonding between Water Molecules Animation

 13. Snowflake Growth Video


 1.   Manometer Simulation

 2.   Atmospheric Pressure Animation (101.3 kPa = 1 atm)

 3.   Boyle's Law Animation (Pressure and Volume)

 4.   Boyle's Law Simulation 

 5.   Charles's Law Simulation (Temperature and Volume)

 6.   Gay-Lussac's Law Simulation (Pressure and Temperature)

 7.   Density of Gases - Sulfur Hexafluoride versus Air 

 8.   Combined Gas Law Simulator

 9.   Deriving the Ideal Gas Law (PV = nRT) Presentation and Animation (go to last slide)

 10. Ideal Gas Law Animation

 11. Real Gas (van der Waals Equation) Graph
 12. Effects of Pressure on Boiling Point

 13. Airbag Movie

 14. Kinetic Energy of Gas (Molar Mass, Speed and Temperature) Video

 15. Diffusion Animation

 16. Effusion Rate Simulation



Solids and Liquids

 1.   Delocalized Non-Directional Covalent Bonds (Metals and Alloys)

 2.   Crystal Growth Videos (Ionic Salt and Organic Molecule)

 3.   Salt Lattice Structure 

 4.   Quartz Crystal Network Structure

 5.   Simulated Crystal Growth Experiment (Dependence on Concentration, Temperature and Pressure)

 6.   Vapor Pressure (Dependence on Temperature and Non-Volatile Solute) Simulation

 7.   Clausius-Clapeyron Equation (Vapor Pressure versus Temperature) Video

Properties of Solutions

 1.   Freezing Point Depression Simulation

 2.   Boiling Point Elevation and Freezing Point Depression Simulation

 3.   Raoult's Law Simulation

 4.   Osmotic Pressure Simulation

 5.   Transfer of Solvent in a Closed System due to Difference in Concentrations of two Solutions

Organic Chemistry

 1.   Structural Isomers Video

 2.   Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil Animation

 3.   Halogen Substitution of Alkane Animation

 4.   Catalytic Hydrogenation of Alkene Animation

 5.   Halogen Addition of Alkene Animation

 6.   Hydrogen Halide Addition of Alkene Animation

 7.   Acetylene with Chlorine Gas (Underwater Fireworks)

 8.   Introduction of Functional Groups

 9.   Dehydration of Sugar by Sulfuric Acid

 10. Natural and Synthetic Polymers Animation

 11. Polymerization of Ethene as Monomer Animation

 12. Synthesis of Nylon Demo Video  



Nuclear Chemistry

 1.   Heating Curve Animation

 2.   Bomb Calorimeter Animation

 3.   Hess's Law Animation

 4.   Molecular Interpretation of Entropy

 5.   Radiation Exposure Video

 6.   Geiger Counter Animation

 7.   Radioactive Decay and Half-Life Animation

 8.   Nuclear Fission Video (History of Atom, Binding Energy and Nuclear Energy Production)

 9.   Nuclear Chain Reaction Video

 10. Nuclear Fission Reactor Animation

 11. Nuclear Fusion Simulation

Chemical Kinetics


Chemical Equilibria

 1.   Activation Energy Video

 2.   Reaction Rate Animation

 3.   Catalytic Formation of Ammonia Video

 4.   Molecular Orientation and Reaction Rate Video  

 5.   Equilibrium Animation

 6.   Dynamic Equilibrium Animation (CaCO3 CaO + CO2)

 7.   Shifting Equilibrium Demos (Temperature and Concentrations)

 8.   Le Ch‚telierís Principle Video (N2O4 2 NO2)

 9.   Effect of Catalyst on an Equilibrium System Video

 10. Spectrophotometer Simulation Lab

Acids and Bases


Aqueous Equilibria

 1.   Carbonic Acid Demo (Dry Ice and Water)

 2.   Formation of Alkali Bases Video (Na and K in water)

 3.   Strong Acid and Weak Acid Animations

 4.   Strong and Weak Bases Animation

 5.   Acids and Base Reaction Animation

 6.   Natural Acid-Base Indicators Video (Red Cabbage and Tea)

 7.   Blue Bottle Reaction - KOH, Dextrose, Indigo Carmine and Methylene Blue

 8.   Acid and Base Titration (Lab Procedure) Video

 9.   Strong Acid and Strong Base Titration (HCl and NaOH) and pH Curve Animation

 10. Weak Acid and Strong Base (CH3COOH and NaOH) Titration Curve Video

 11. Polyprotic Acid and Strong Base (H3PO4 and NaOH) Titration Curve Video

 12. Acid-Base Buffer Animation

 13. Solution Equilibrium Animation (AgCl)

Reduction, Oxidation 



 1.   Periodic Trend of Common Oxidation States

 2.   Oxidation of Zinc (with H+ and Cu2+) Animation

 3.   Redox Reaction (Zn and O2) Animation

 4.   Traffic Light Reaction (KMnO4, NaOH with Sugar)

 5.   Oxidation of Glycerin by KMnO4

 5.   Electrochemical (Galvanic or Voltaic) Cell Animation

 6.   Hydrogen Fuel Cell Animation

 7.   Sacramento Fuel Cell Facility Grand Opening News Reel

 8.   Hydrogen Fueling Demonstrator Video

 9.   Electrolytic Cell Video (Click on Picture to start video)

Other Outstanding

Chemistry Sites


(if you can't find what you are looking for from above)

 Other High School and College Sites:

 1.   UC Berkeley Webcasts - lectures of many courses at UC Berkeley (an absolute gem!)

 2.   Chemistry Web Resource Content Organizer by Ron Rinehart at Monterey Peninsula College - the Ultimate in Chemistry Links

 3.    Chem Topics by Steve Marsden - Tons of Good Animations

 4.    Chemistry Flash Files by Dr. Greenbowe at Iowa State University - Absolutely Awesome Simulations

 5.    North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Teacher Instructional Graphics Educational Resources (NCSSM - TIGER)  

       - very good animations and diagrams

 6.    Mr. Kent's Chemistry Demos - excellent Videos of various Chemistry Demos

 7.    Chemistry Videos by Dr. Lisa Arnold at South Georgia College  - excellent videos for topics in the 2nd semester

 8.    Chem 105 (Fundamental Chemistry) website by Dr. Tom Zamis at University of Wisconsin (Steven Points) 

         - lectures summary, worksheets and some animations

 9.    Chemistry Class Website by Mr. Wigger at Glendale High School, Glendale, CA - Quiz and Test Reviews, Tutorials, Web Helps

 10. - Tons of Tutorials and Review Material for High School Chemistry

 11.  MIT Open Courseware - Free Online Course Resources (including videos) on topics from AP Bio, AP Physics and AP Calc

 Textbook Companion Websites

 1.   Chemistry (W.W. Norton & Company) - Lots of Tutorials and Animations

 2.   General Chemistry: Principle and Modern Application (Prentice Hall) - many video files and diagrams

 3.   Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry (Prentice Hall) - practice quizzes and video galleries

 4.   World of Chemistry (McDougal Littell) - Flashcards, Presentations and Quizzes by Chapters

 5.   General Chemistry by Raymond Chang  2nd  edition and 7th edition (McGraw-Hill) - lots of animations

 6.   Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change by Martin Silberberg 4th edition (McGraw Hill) - 10 detail animations

 7.   McGraw Hill Chemistry Movies - more videos and animations


Freeware and Files

 1.   ChemWin 2.01 (zip file) -  software for drawing organic molecules

 2.   RasMol - a stand alone 3-D viewer for many organic molecules and polyatomic ions (a good substitute for Chime) 

                     - download from University of Massachusetts at Amherst and it is free - thanks to creator, Roger Sayle

 3.   MDL Chime - an integrated 3-D viewer, taken from Rasmol, that works on the browser

                             - must first register with MDL and receive password by email prior to installation. 

 4.   Orbital Viewer - an out of control software that is capable of 3-D drawing of atoms, molecules and orbitals. 

                                 - all drawings can then be animated and saved in various formats. 

 5.   Molecules (Molecular Modeling for Chemical Education) - molecules animated files, excellent for VSEPR molecular geometry

 6.   Molecular Models pdb Files for RasMol and Chime from Dr. Dave Woodcock at Okanagan University College, B.C., Canada



 1.   Demos performed at University of Leeds - these guys like to blow things up (instructions provided). 

 2.   General Chemistry Demonstrations at University of Wisconsin - some videos and some picture (sources provided)

 3.   Lecture Demonstrations at University of Illinois (Urbana Champaign) - 31 videos

 4.   Chemistry Demos and Experiments Links at - many links

 5.   Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive


Music and Humor

 1.   Element Song Video - The famous element song by Tom Lehrer

 2.   Real Molecules with Silly Names from the School of Chemistry at University of Bristol  - No Kidding!

 3.   Comical Compound Gallery - brought to you by the ChemClub at

 4.   Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! - for those environmentalists who insist water is not all that it seems to be.

 5.   Poetic Table of Elements - every element deserves a poem. A site for any Liberal Arts Major who is forced to take Chemistry.

 6.   Last Words of a Chemist - Unknown Author